Editorial Policy

German Jax aims to bring the authentic experience of traditional German cuisine to the readers, focusing on unique places within Florida that offer these culinary delights. My mission is to provide honest, in-depth reviews and insights into German food culture, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Content Guidelines

Authenticity and Honesty

All reviews and articles will be based on firsthand experiences. As you can find in the About Me section.

I will provide honest, unbiased reviews of each location, ensuring that my readers can trust our content.

Research and Accuracy

All information published will be thoroughly researched and fact-checked.

Articles will include detailed descriptions, accurate locations, and up-to-date information about the places reviewed.

Diversity and Inclusivity

I will also cover a wide range of establishments, from well-known restaurants to hidden gems.

My content is suitable for diverse tastes and preferences, including vegetarian and vegan options where available.

Engagement and Interaction

I encourage reader feedback and interaction. Comments, suggestions, and questions are welcome and will be addressed promptly.


Any sponsored content or partnerships will be disclosed.

I will differentiate between editorial content and advertisements to maintain reader trust.

Quality and Presentation

High standards of writing, photography, and video will be maintained in all content.

Ethical Standards

Respect for privacy and property is paramount. Permission will be sought for all photographs and interviews.

I always commit to ethical journalism practices, avoiding conflicts of interest and ensuring integrity in our reporting.

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