Why Checkers Old Munchen Is My New Favorite Spot?

Checkers Old Munchen

After a longer break that lasted for a few weeks, I decided to continue with my journey and pay attention to a single restaurant instead of rushing around trying to review them all in a short time. You just can’t enjoy it in the same way if you sit anywhere for only one quick meal.

For those who are on this website for the first time, I am discovering authentic German restaurants in Florida. Recently I went on a tour, where I found some very interesting places.

Today, I will share insights from my visit to Checkers Old Munchen, a perfect spot where you can hang out at any time of day.

Location: 2209 East Atlantic Blvd, Pompano Beach, FL 33062

Contact Number: (954) 785-7565

Website: Checkers Old Munchen

Cuisine: German

Dining Options: Dine-In, Pickup Orders, Delivery

Social Media:



I already said this is a real hidden gem after my first visit. I came here alone this time. I will get straight to the point.

The Food

So I was looking over the menu and the first thing that caught my eye was the sausage sampler. It sounded like a good deal to fill me up as an appetizer before the main course.

When the sampler came it looked pretty good. There were 4 kinds of sausage with sauerkraut on the side.

  • Bratwurst: Mildly seasoned and juicy, it was a classic start.
  • Knockwurst: A bit coarser in texture and packed with flavor.
  • Jalapeno and Cheese: This one had a nice kick, with the cheese adding a creamy texture.
  • Chicken & Apple: A lighter option with a subtle sweetness from the apple.

Sausage Sampler Checkers Old Munchen

While my main intention was to test some beers, I chose something light before the meal, so I went for Grapefruit Windhund, an interesting German cocktail made with Grapefruit, Vodka, and Jalapeño syrup.

Grapefruit Windhund cocktail

The next stage is the most important one, let’s see the main dish.

But before I continue with that, I have to share that I saw a small fridge from the 50s in one corner near the bar section. It is a decoration that reminds us of that well-known German quality that lasts as a synonym for over a century.

For the main course, I decided to try something different as I already had those wursts, so I went for the Pork Stroganoff.

I also chose a couple of sides, German Potato Salad and Red Cabbage. While waiting for the main course, I ordered a Bavarian Pretzel, served with house mustard. It was just like it should be, and like I was describing it recently.

When the Pork Stroganoff arrived, it looked and smelled delicious. I liked it even before taking the first bite. The brisket was cooked to perfection. Also, the sour cream sauce proved itself as a perfect combo with onions and mushrooms.

The meal was served over a bed of egg noodles, soaked up in the sauce beautifully, making each bite a satisfying experience.

As for the sides, I got the potato salad and red cabbage.

Overall, I can easily rate this meal 10/10.

Checkers Old Munchen Pork Stroganoff

During a short break from food(those portions are quite large in this place) I checked what other people say about this place. You know, just to compare it with my experience now. I noticed that most of them were more than satisfied. Having a 4.5 rating means that the restaurant is good. Most reviews are quite positive, just like mine. I gave it 5 stars without much thinking.

No meal at a restaurant would be complete without a classic dessert. I chose a well-known German delicacy, the Homemade Apple Strudel.

Apple strudel Checkers Old Munchen

And of course, I started testing different beers right after getting the main dish. The first thing I have to say is that there are no small beers in here. You know, for Germans, 16 ounces is a small beer, while 34oz is a large one.

That didn’t leave me enough room to explore too many of them. I got only two beers. I had to drive in the evening, so I didn’t wanna make a problem for myself.

The first one was Bitburger Lager, a light option that goes right with the meal.

Bitburger Lager Checkers Old Munchen

After completing the apple strudel, I wanted to try something stronger, so I got myself the imported bottled beer called Tucher Dunkel. It has a stronger taste, but with not so much alcohol(5.4%).

There are some other options with 8% and over, but I will try them some other time when I won’t need to drive that day.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, this was quite a simple experience. Some of you might thought why would this be my new favorite spot when I wasn’t really sharing anything so special? Well, that’s the point. This restaurant has everything I am looking for. A perfect ambient where I can either sit alone and have a proper lunch break or come with friends and have a great time together.

Everything is just right. I can come here a few times a day, you know, for breakfast, afternoon coffee, lunch, light dinner, or just to watch a game in the evening and take a few beers. You know about those local bars where you can hang out every day and feel like you are part of it? Well, Checkers Old Munchen just became such a place for me.

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