Old Hamburg Schnitzelhaus – The ‘Real’ German Spot in Florida

Old Hamburg Schnitzelhaus Restaurant in in Holmes Beach, Florida

I recently went on a tour around Florida to check on some authentic German diners there. As someone with German roots, this really was quite a discovery for me as I managed to learn a lot about the domestic food popular in this European country.

We all know they are popular for beer and wurst, but there are just so many types that it would take a long time to try them all, not to mention other food that many people from the US have never heard of. I managed to scratch the surface in my initial attempt to discover all those places.

It was quite a journey about a month ago, and now I want to dedicate more time to some of those restaurants. The first choice is Old Hamburg Schnitzelhaus on Anna Maria Island.

I went there with some friends, and now I will share the experience.

The Ambient

Ambiance at the Old Hamburg Schnitzelhaus in Holmes Beach

Just as I mentioned the last time I was here, it is quite stunning after entering since it seems like you just left Florida and went to some small German place, especially because of the decoration.

It’s crazy how being in this restaurant can transport you to another world, even though you’re still right here in Holmes Beach.

Everything about this place works together to make you comfortable, but also impressed.

Now, Let’s Check the Food

So, the last time I was here, I had the Schweinshaxe Bayerische Art( Franconian Brats, Roast Pork, small Schnitzel, Sauerkraut, and Mashed Potatoes). And even though it was great, I wanted to try something else this time.

We started with a big plate of appetizers to share – potato pancakes with apple sauce and sour cream. Man, what a combo.

My friend got the Käsespätzle – noodles baked with tons of melted cheese and crispy onions on top. So rich and tasty, just like classic German comfort food should be.

Another dish that stood out was the Jägerschnitzel – a tender pork cutlet covered in a creamy mushroom sauce. Served with spaetzle that soaked up all that yummy sauce. Every bite was even better than the last.

I went for the Sauerbraten – roast beef that was slow-cooked until it just melted. So tender and flavorful! With red cabbage and potato dumplings, it all came together in perfect harmony.

And It Wouldn’t Be Right Without Beer

But not just any beer. This place has those real German brands. You will forget about Bud Lights and Coronas after trying them.

We started with a Paulaner – so smooth and fully flavored. Goes great with dishes like schnitzel and sauerbraten. Another winner was the Spaten – super crisp and refreshing, perfect for our hot Florida weather.

After that, we wanted to try something that is less known in the US, like Weihenstephaner, which comes from the oldest brewery in the world. Rich and complex, it stood up to all the hearty meals we had.

And finally, a Franziskaner Weissbier. Way lighter with fruity flavors – perfect if you don’t like it too bitter or hoppy.

This place has got the beer menu on lock just like the food. Everything pairs together so well to totally transport you to Germany.

I have to add that I was ordering 7’s so I don’t get too far with the beer tasting. You can do the same when you just want to try everything.

Friendly Service

Just as the last time I was here. The stuff can be really helpful, especially for first-timers. I mean, most Americans never heard of Sauerkraut before.

I listed Sauerkraut in my top 5 list of traditional German food. You can check it out here.

And this time was no different.

The servers here really know how to make you feel at home. They were so nice and happy to tell us all about the food. Anytime we had a question, they jumped right in with the answers.

Our orders got to our table in no time at all. And if we ever needed anything else, those servers were there in a flash to help us out. We never had to wait around or anything.

I Also Have Some Tips For You

If you’re looking for a more low-key meal here, aim for a weekday or earlier in the weeknights. Weekends can get pretty packed, especially Fridays and Saturdays.

It’s smart to make reservations, especially if you’re coming on the weekends or with a big group. That way you don’t have to stand around waiting – you’ll know for sure you’ve got seats ready when you walk in.

Getting a table right away means you can fully relax into the whole vibe here. You won’t have to stress about the crowds or noise levels. You can just sit back and relax.

Overall Impression

They’ve got it all figured out here at Old Hamburg Schnitzelhaus.

This place totally delivers on showing you a real piece of Germany while still being right here in Florida.

The food is amazing, the beer is even better, and the ambiance is there to hold everything together.

It really looks like a spot in a suburban area of Hamburg.

And don’t just trust me, check out what others are saying about this place. I gave them a 5-star rating, while the overall impression of previous guests is 4.5 on TripAdvisor, where they have over 1,000 reviews. I went through the comments and noticed that most people are praising this place for large portions, great food, excellent beer, and of course, those amazing pretzels.

I love pretzels so much that I just had to learn to make them at home. Here is a recipe if you wanna try it. The best part is that you can do it even without too much experience in the kitchen.

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